Hojomo Group is a Social Communications Consultancy focused by me, Howard Moorey, on the automotive, mobile, rail, finance, and security industries, to add relevance and direction to social media exposure.

We encourage greater social engagement, conversation, and commerce, in the Automotive and Locomotive industries, including Heritage, in advance of #ConnectedCars, Trucks, and Trains.

Hojomo Automotive vehicle front

Mobile technology is creating retail opportunities never before envisaged, and the #ConnectedConsumer brings a whole new level of sophistication.

Your phone can enable you to see events happening on the other side of the world, as they happen, AND connect you with the people creating, or discussing, those events, immediately. No more isolation.

More than that, the phone is a platform that enables local, national and international businesses to make offers at the most appropriate moment. That’s location marketing: your world, your needs, your way – YOU are that #ConnectedConsumer.

So all sizes of business must carefully consider how they communicate & interact with customers and prospects alike – “conversing and commercing” is not about selling anymore – customer service and relationship management are one.

We are part of a Global Marketing Alliance providing Back Office, Business Development, and Social Media Marketing & Management Services to businesses of all sizes in the UK, EU and US.

Think Differently, We Do…..

“Sales” have become “Buys”, or, more correctly, Informed Purchases – we now research on the internet before making any major buying decision – homes, cars, pensions – and increasingly before any minor buying decision too, including phones, food & eating out somewhere new.

If you’re in business, you have to attract people to trust you and BUY your goods and/or services.

  • How do you seize, and retain, their attention?
  • How do you differentiate yourself?

Information about goods and services available to us is becoming expected as a right, right in our hand. Social conversations, and customer service, are fast becoming imperative.

Recent generations are growing up with that access, and developing it in new ways to serve the benefit of mankind across the globe, and maps remain an intricate part of that provision!

One of the latest innovations is #FinTech – Financial Technology – because more & more of us are taking to mobile devices for banking, savings, investments, transactions, and new methods of payment. Especially fascinating here where our backgrounds, and passions, include Finance, AutoMotive, Communications, and Technology – and they’re all rapidly approaches a mergepoint! #FACT

Social Communications – because people talk, research, and purchase – now they use technology to do it differently. #SoComms is key to ALL everyday transactions. We help you understand and implement.

Let’s connect!