Welcome to hojomo blog

Here’s my new website, and a new blog to go with it.

Marketing has changed, forever.

Market-Making is now a much more relevant term, because the “old ways” have taken a battering with the advent, and mass adoption, of social media.

So how do YOU view your customers and prospects? As your next conquest, or as people?

One of my pet hates is the website that goes on about “we” this, and “we” that, without once, anywhere on the site, identifying who any of the “we” are! I guess I am not alone because one of my favourite agencies – Hubspot – has just produced an eBook about the need for Personalizing Business – remember the days when the shopkeeper knew us by name, and knew our likes & dislikes, and could point us to something new in the store that might be of interest?

The opportunity to personalise is still there for businesses and brands of any size, but with social media, we are fast becoming resistant to being “sold to”. We want to be informed, we want to be able to buy, on our terms, when, where, and how we want. We want it personal!

If grasped, and worked, that can be at least part of the wider purpose of social media. There might be no “I” in Team, but there sure as hell is no “We” either! If you have a Team that members of the buying public may come into contact with, please put their details up on your site – photo, job function, email address, mobile or extension number if appropriate, may be even a bit about them, so buyers can know who they are dealing with. Then, whenever and however they meet, they are known as people first.

Marketing has changed, just with the addition of Meet And Know.

Thanks to my friends Sarah and Crockett @satoricreative for my new site – I hope it can be of some service to YOU.


The Future of Social Media, Hubspot eBook